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What can I win?2022-03-31T18:39:39+00:00

Each draw gives players the chance to win a unique NFT. Check the homepage for details on the current NFT you could win in the next draw.

How many tickets can I buy?2022-03-31T18:39:39+00:00

The available tickets are the limit.

When’s the next draw?2022-03-31T18:39:39+00:00

Check the homepage to see when the next draw’s taking place.

How do you choose the winner?2022-04-14T12:57:47+00:00

We use a third party Random Number Generator called

How many winners are there?2022-03-31T18:39:39+00:00

There is one NFT winner for each draw with runner-up prizes available where stated.

How will I know if I’ve won?2022-04-15T17:04:33+00:00

We’ll notify winners by email. In any case, the winner will get the NFT transferred to the ETH payment address within 3 days.

Who can enter?2022-03-31T18:39:39+00:00

Entrants must be over 18.

Is this a lottery?2022-04-13T19:48:09+00:00

No. It’s a competition – and falls within prize competitions or free draws. The outcome depends on a skill-based game.

What is a skill-based game?2022-04-13T19:47:56+00:00

A skill-based game is used to test a user’s skills/knowledge of a specific subject: NFT’s. Only correct answers to our skill-based game are taken through to the final drawing.

How can I pay?2022-04-14T07:56:37+00:00

Payments are only possible using ETH (Ethereum) on Metamask. This will prevent using any address that can not receive NFT’s (eg. funds sent from exchanges).

How do i get my NFT as the winner?2022-04-30T05:06:54+00:00

The winner will receive the NFT sent to their payment address. For security reasons you will be asked to enter your ETH address at checkout. No exceptions.

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